Baby Sign Sessions

a family-owned local small business


Baby Sign Sessions

a family-owned local small business

Registration Kids & Adult

Kids ASL Virtual Summer Camp starts June 27th. Adults ASL Classes start June 27th.

About Us

Our Mission

To assist in building stronger bonds between Parent and Child.

Giving Back

We donate 10% of our proceeds to our local and neighboring Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing organizations.


-- Communicate Early & Bonding --
Babies who use sign language often speak earlier than their peers.

-- More Sleep for Parent & Child --
Being understood and building confidence at such a young age encourages better sleeping patterns for babies. In turn, offering parents much more needed sleep.

-- Less Tantrums --
Infants and toddlers who use baby sign express less frustration in their early years as a result from successfully being understood wh... Learn more

Who We Are

We are Parents, Educators, Small Business owners, American Sign Language Interpreters, Advocates for the Deaf & HH, and local Santa Barbara & Santa Maria Community Members.


Provide baby sign and American Sign Language education through FUN for parents/guardians, babies, grades k-6+, and adults! With in-home, community, and web-friendly sessions, we teach American Sign Language through Arts & Crafts, Science, Social Emotional skil... Learn more

DVDs (pre-orders)

Baby Sign Sessions DVDs (30% OFF SALE)
Baby Sign - Vocabulary A - Z (DVD)

DVD available for pre-order

... Learn more
Baby Sign Basics - Calm Start (DVD)

DVD includes -

... Learn more


Kathy D.

"When you have baby sign, your child can communicate the most important things. My son didn't really cry a lot because he used baby sign instead."

David P.

"Out of all the gifts for our new family of 3, our friends and family loved this the most."

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Due to COVID-19, all sessions will be online-based until further notice.