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About Us


To assist in building stronger bonds between Parent and Child.

Provide signed language education through FUN for babies, grades k-6+, and adults! With in-home, community, and web-friendly sessions, we teach American Sign Language through Arts & Crafts, Science, Social Emotional skills, Health, Dance/Theatre, Math, Improv, Reading, and much more... all throughout the country.

We also assist you as a parent in successfully communicating with your baby at an earlier than average age. We assist in enhancing your baby's fine motor, receptive, expressive, behavioral, and conceptual development before your little one's acquisition of verbal skills.


We acknowledge that Baby Sign is an extension of American Sign Language, the language of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. Therefore, our goal is to also give-back to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities by donating 15% of our proceeds to local Deaf organizations.


-- Communicate Early & Bonding --
Babies who use sign language often speak earlier than their peers.

-- More Sleep for Parent & Child --
Being understood and building confidence at such a young age encourages better sleeping patterns for babies. In turn, offering parents much more needed sleep.

-- Less Tantrums --
Infants and toddlers who use baby sign express less frustration in their early years as a result from successfully being understood when relaying their needs or wants. In most cases, toddlers who use baby sign have manageable or generally bypass the "terrible twos" stage.

-- Increase in IQ --
Children who have used baby sign have displayed higher IQ scores opposed to those children who didn't use baby sign.

-- Expanded Verbal Development --
Infants using baby sign were compared to infants who were not, indicating that the experience of using symbolic gestures during the second year was associated with faster verbal language development (Goodwyn, Acredolo, & Brown, 2000). Scientific studies also show that baby sign encourages early readers.


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Spoken languages:
English, Spanish

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